Rate - $60.00 Per Month
We can watch your home while it is being rented. We have the resources to handle basic services while the renter is in the home and we can arrange to have the home cleaned following each rental. This service is available only if we are watching the home while it is unoccupied. The services we can provide are as follows:
  • Each month we will visit the home to check the A/C filter, clean the front entrance of bugs and debris, sweep the front entry way, check electric golf cart batteries and add water to batteries when needed, check irrigation system, insure contracted services are being conducted, check for storm/weather damage, remove any litter that may have found its way onto the property and check out any renter concerns.  
  • If any problem develops that requires a  repair, we have a list of recommended, reputable service companies we can call upon. If renters cannot be at the home when the service company is scheduled, we will meet the service company at the home to allow entry and stay with them until they leave.  
  • We will be “on call” to answer any concerns or help the renter in any way possible.
  • We will communicate with you whenever an issue is of concern and needs your input. 
  • Following the renter departure, a cleaning will be scheduled to prepare your home for the next renter. The basic cleaning cost is $75. If the cleaner does laundry there is a $5 charge for each bedroom, so if two bedrooms need laundered the total cost is $85. Premier homes are based on size. The rental agreement must reflect a departure time of 9 AM on the last day of the month and arrival time not before 4 PM on the first day of the month to allow for the cleaning to be done (total 31 hours).
  • Following departure of the renter, we will do an inspection of the home and make you aware of our findings so the security deposit can be returned.
  • We will provide owners renting for the first time a listing of "Key Points when Renting" and "Recommended Start-up Supply List".
“We are always there for you”