At no additional cost, we provide the following services:

·        If an urgent problem does occur we will make you aware of it immediately and offer recommended, reputable service companies to make the repair.

·        Prior to your return, with a minimum one week notice, we will do the following to prepare  the home for your arrival:

1)     Turn water “on”.

2)     Turn hot water tank “on” at breakers if electric. If gas, we will turn the setting up.

3)     Thermostat will be adjusted to normal settings.

4)     Insure toilets are clean.

5)     Turn on or plug in all essential electrical items.

6)     Put golf cart on charge (electric carts) only if you have requested the service of putting water in batteries when needed ($10 charge per occurrence).

7)     Turn ice maker “on”.

8)     Set all clocks.

9)     Clean all bugs and debris from front of home and sweep entrance.

For rental service clients we will provide you "Key Points when Renting" and "Recommended Start-up Supply List".

“We are always there for you”